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Re: What's the least input into a score to get midi output added?

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: What's the least input into a score to get midi output added?
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:01:35 -0700
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Jay Hamilton, Sound and Silence wrote:

That's problem/issue/solution thanks- I did get it to work after that correction.

Bec and John wrote:

Hi Jim,

I just tried the "Notes only" template and got an error that I commonly get when I copy and paste from the Lilypond manual - it doesn't like the " ’ " character that is in the manual. I have to manually delete them and reinsert " ' ". Then it typesets fine. Below is the "Notes only" template with the modification, which works fine on my installation of Lilypond 2.7.3 on OS 10.4.

\version "2.6.0"

melody = \relative c'
    \clef treble
    \key c \major
    \time 4/4

    a4 b c d

    \new Staff \melody
    \midi { \tempo 4=60 }

- John

When I copy and paste from the first template example and then copy and paste my chosen notes I get

error: syntax error, unexpected STRING
\new Staff

When I delete those parts I get

A lovely pdf file no error messages and no midi even though I now have at the end
\score {
\layout { }
\midi { \tempo 4=60 }

So the example template in this instance does not seem to work at I expect. Which is why I asked- what's the minimum?


This is why some lists insist on inline posting. Top-posting is very confusing. I don't know what Jay fixed.

Paul Scott

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