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setting a text font

From: fiëé visuëlle
Subject: setting a text font
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 12:26:06 +0200

Hi there! (this is LilyPond 2.6 on MacOSX)

I still try to typeset my lyrics in another font.

While I can't find the right place for
\override Lyrics.LyricText  #'font-name = #"Gentium"
(it doesn't complain within Staff context, but does nothing - is Lyrics.LyricText right?)

I checked if it works with ChordNames:
\override ChordNames.ChordName  #'font-name = #"Arial Black"

At least I get an error message:

Layout output to `'.../Applications/Sound/ Contents/Resources/share/lilypond/current/scm/framework-ps.scm: 303:13: In expression (ly:warn (_ "Couldn't extract file matching ~a from ~a") name ...): /Applications/Sound/ current/scm/framework-ps.scm:303:13: Unbound variable: ly:warn

I guess that means that LilyPond can't find the font (but it is listed in the font cache!), but the error message is not really understandable...

Any hints?

Greetlings from Lake Constance
fiëé visuëlle
Henning Hraban Ramm

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