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Re: Centred Piano Dynamics

From: Jay Hamilton, Sound and Silence
Subject: Re: Centred Piano Dynamics
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 20:03:05 -0700
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Try typing the code in often the copy paste is not satisfactory but typing the material in often works.

Will Oram wrote:

Does the template for centred dynamics in a piano staff found in the 2.6 manual actually work? I've copied-and-pasted directly into a test ly file and gotten no success when building from the lily binary (OSX Panther). Indeed, I've tried the 2.6 and 2.7.6 templates within their respective lily binary versions, and both puke.

2.6 sez:

 Processing `/Users/spamguy/'
/Applications/ ly/ error: syntax error, unexpected SCM_T

#(if (and (ly:get-option 'old-relative)
/Applications/ ly/ error: syntax error, unexpected $end
   (apply ly:make-book $defaultpaper $globalheader toplevel-scores)))

error: failed files: "/Users/spamguy/"


2.7.6 sez the same thing.

Looking a few files in Mutopia based on this template, I'm pushed to think that something's not right on my end.

Will Oram // Genius @ Large // AIM spamguy21
spamguy (at) foxchange (dot) com // wro1 (at) cwru (dot) edu

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