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Re: custom page sizes?

From: Matevz Jekovec
Subject: Re: custom page sizes?
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 21:32:22 +0200
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Yes, but setting vsize and hsize again, don't change the paper size -
they work exactly as linewidth or textheight options. If I try to view
the page with kpdf or gv, I get A4 page size with cut-off score. Maybe a
bug? I'm sure that kpdf is able to change the page size if it's written
in the file (I was viewing a commercial square-size pdf file this
morning). Also, pre-set paper sizes (a4, a3, a6, letter, legal, tabloid)
are shown correctly.

- Matevž

Graham Percival wrote:

> On 20-Aug-05, at 4:06 PM, Matevz Jekovec wrote:
>> Is there a way to use custom page sizes for Lily output (like 10x20
>> cm?). linewidth and textheight properties only define the borders of the
>> Lily's output, but if paper is not there, it gets cut then.
> See the doc page on "page formatting"; specifically the hsize and vsize
> variables.
> Cheers,
> - Graham

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