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Re: epsfile include question

From: stk
Subject: Re: epsfile include question
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 01:39:49 -0400 (EDT)

Henrik Frisk wrote:

> 1. Is it not possible to move the eps
> graphic? I have tried \raise without success.

> . . . I have tried a number of commands
> apart from \raise . . .

>   \markup { \translate #(cons 2 5) \epsfile #"eps/nssffff.eps" }

In the LilyPond 2.6.0 manual, section 8.1.7 says that \raise, \lower,
and \translate cannot be used to displace entire scripts.  But then in
section 11.2.3 (around the middle of that section), there is an
explanation of a trick to get around that limitation:  writing

   \markup { ""  \translate #'(2.0  .  5.0) "foo bar" }

would place the empty string ("") where Lily wants it, but then the
string "foo bar" would be placed 2 units to the right of, and 5 units
above, that empty string, so that in effect "foo bar" would wind up
being placed where you wanted it.  On that basis, it would be worth

  \markup { ""  \translate #'(2.0  .  5.0) \epsfile #"eps/nssffff.eps" }

to see if that gives you the displacement you want.

-- Tom

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