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Re: Help to install

From: Maurits Lamers
Subject: Re: Help to install
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 21:32:42 +0200


Please include your OS (Windows, Linux or Mac OSX) and your Lilypond version, otherwise it is quite hard to understand (or replicate) the problem you have...



On 28-aug-05, at 8:01, Peter Tregilgas wrote:

<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>Please help with installation.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>I have downloaded Lilypond.  When </x-tad-bigger><x-tad-bigger> click on the icon the following note pops up:</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>Welcome to LilyPond</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>Congratulations, LilyPond has been installed successfully.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>Now to take it for the first test run.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  1. Save this LilyPond file on your desktop.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  2. Pick it up from the desktop with your mouse pointer, drag and drop</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>     it onto the LilyPond icon.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  3. LilyPond automatically produces a PDF file from the musical scale</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>     below.</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  4. To print or view the result, click on the newly produced file called</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>        Welcome_to_LilyPond.PDF</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>That's it.  For more information, visit .</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>  title = "A scale in LilyPond"</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>I follow those instructions – a blank system32 is behind this note, the Note appears, I click that and the PDF appears.  I have Acrobat installed and the Distiller appears that a post script error “no pdf file produced”</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>I looked at the web site again but I don’t get it??? Please help</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> </x-tad-bigger>
peter tregilgas
cultural and social enterprise services
abn: 66357539575
t:  0400-191054
f/p:  08-82725842
e:  address@hidden

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