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Re: 'Can't Change Staff'

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: 'Can't Change Staff'
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:00:23 -0500

On 8/31/05, Will Oram <address@hidden> wrote:
> I know I'm posting to the list a lot with my questions; I'm trying
> out a lot of tricky notation snippets that, if successful, will
> produce free scores that truly show the kickass things lily can do.
> So...bear with me.
> lily 2.7.8, OS X 10.4
> I have centred dynamics working properly again (thanks, Trevor), and
> I intend to be making extensive use of staff changing. Auto-change
> won't be appropriate, so everything is done manually.
> The following code should produce two treble lines: the bottom has g8
> followed by empty space, while the top starts on the bottom attached
> to the g8 notehead, then changes back up. Frankly, I don't get the
> logic myself, but it ain't my music.
> (more after code)


> ---
> When typesetting, this message comes up...
> Interpreting music...
> warning: Change_iterator::process (): Staff = `up':
> warning: can't change `Staff' to `down': not changing
> to same context type:
>          \change Staff = "down"
> I imagine Dynamics is interfering, since everything else is Staff and
> there should be no trouble. Nevertheless, I know staff changes must
> be possible, because it is clearly visible in scores like this:
> . Yet,
> staring at the source, I can't find what I'm doing wrong for the life
> of me.
> Any thoughts?

Hmm. I don't think it's the Dynamics context because commenting out
the Dynamics context completely in the score { } block still generates
the same error.

If, in your upper material, you insert another note *prior to* the
\chang-ed g'' then the g'' changes to the lower staff just fine ...
but I can't get it to work *starting on* the \change-ed g''.

Perhaps there's a bug that the first note in a Voice / Staff / Context
(?) can't be changed? I don't have time to whip up a test file yet,
tho ...

Trevor Bača

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