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Re: New slur/tie behaviour

From: Steve D
Subject: Re: New slur/tie behaviour
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 09:41:33 -0600

Trevor Baca wrote:
I agree. Although I have no idea how to verbally state a better rule ... maybe something like "consecutive ties between like pitches should
appear at like vertical positions" ... ?
--- ---

To me that seems like it would be a good default behavior.

In addition, although I am personally very impressed and pleased with the new tie behavior in general, and love the fact that tie configuration can be manually adjusted, it seems to me (as I mentioned in a recent post, and I wonder if others agree) that in tied chords, the ties for the outer notes (uppermost and lowermost notes of the chord), when they appear on a staff *space* rather than a staff line, would look better if the ties were placed, not horizontally within the same space that the outermost notes occupy, as seems to be the default behavior now, but instead within the staff space just above the staff space that the tied notes occupy (in the case of the uppermost note of the tied chord), or within the staff space just below the staff space that the tied notes occupy (in the case of the lowermost note of the tied chord).

-Steve D

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