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Temporary Staves Above-Below

From: Mehmet Okonsar
Subject: Temporary Staves Above-Below
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 08:42:21 +0300

When I want to start a staff, if I do it inside a context, I have no choice
but I get it below the staff of the context I'm in,

if I want to use the :

\set Staff.alignAboveContext command,

I must have it outside any other staff context (that's logical) and I must
use \skip to have the new staff start where I want.

Using \skip in unmetered long scores can be quite unconvenient..

Am I right assuming that there is no way to "cut" into the notes of an
existing staff context, start a new staff and put it above or below ?..

\version "2.7.8"

\score {
\new PianoStaff {
    \context Staff = "RH" {
        \clef treble
        { f'2 c'4 d' e' f' r4 r8 c' d'4 e' }
    \context Staff = "LH" {
        \clef bass
        {a,2 b,4 g, e, f,g,8} % i cut here into the notes of the LH
        \new Staff {c''16[ des'' gis'' fis'']} % but I want this staff to be
above RH?

        {c, c, c,4 cis,8 c, d, e, } % remaining notes of LH

\layout {
    \context {
        \remove "Time_signature_engraver"

Best Regards,
Mehmet Okonsar, pianist-composer

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