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Re: New slur/tie behaviour

From: Bec and John Silva
Subject: Re: New slur/tie behaviour
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 18:40:43 -0400

Hi Henrik,

It does seem that maybe trying to accommodate everyone's preference is a lost cause. Customisability should definitely be present.

However, ties/slurs should "function" first and look beautiful second! :) With 2.7.7 I've been forced to not avoid some problems because they are too serious (not in the screenshots I sent previously). For instance, where a tie is in the same space in the staff as the note but slurs on adjacent notes are (very attractively) going over the notes - this creates a visually unbalanced look, and worse the tie is likely to go unnoticed.

I think the things I've noticed, and the screenshots you posted, definitely expose things that need to be fixed.

- John

I have been following this discussion with interest and I have a few
thoughts. I don't think it is possible to accomodate all styles and
personal preferences when it comes to ties which I think this thread is
proof of. I am sure the sponsored rewrite included in 2.7.7 led to a
better situation for some (maybe all) users, but in the score I'm
currently working on it lead to more collisions and less
consistency (see the attached .png's). 

Now, I'm _not_ complaining, I'm
OK with it. In the music that I'm working with I'm used to having to
spend much time figuring out, sometimes unorthodox ways of notating
things. So, the only thing I need is a good way of manually altering the
defaults and this is what the tie-configuration property does. Another
suggestion could be to allow for altering the defaults
globally and thus make it possible for users to accomodate the tie
behaviour to the set of rules that works for them.

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