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\Overrides tweaks - changes etc...

From: Trent Johnston
Subject: \Overrides tweaks - changes etc...
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:09:18 +1000

Hello all again,
I've been using lilypond on and off for a couple of years now. Usually I get turned off when trying to tweak a score to make the output better.
I've read the manual dozens of times for each version.. but always get tripped up with the \overrides  \contexts etc... I'm a musician not a computer programmer so navigating and working how to put things together at times overloads my brain and I tend to stop using Lilypond for a while.
Has anyone figured all the backend stuff?? and could pass on some hints.. or could there be more detailed examples in the manual... I've cannibalised a lot of scores from Mutopia but can only use the collective wisdom for current lilypond version....
For instance currently I want a brace around the 3 staves in my current score... I've used the StaffGroup in the score section which gave me the brace no problems ... but now I'm trying to have each staff with its own bar line (ie. not one single barline running from the top of the score to the bottom) at the same time keeping the brace. Can anyone help... and try if possible to talk me around the logic how to get to the workaround??
I think that the output to lilypond is great but unfortunately the 'language programming' the user has to can be very confusing at times. Helping to clear this up would get a lot more people on board with using the program.
If people wanted to send me there \overrides tweaks etc .. with an explanation I wouldn't mind creating a list or document with them. This would provide an easy reference and allow people to be able to piece together their own changes to suit needs as they occur.
BTW... Yes Han-Wen I've been saving my pennies so hopefully soon I can sponsor the improvements to the Figured Bass System.

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