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Re: "Wrong type argument in position 1" error and other questions

From: Kevin Nowaczyk
Subject: Re: "Wrong type argument in position 1" error and other questions
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:07:45 -0700 (PDT)

I've cut out a lot of the extra stuff from my file. 
I'm guessing nobody looked at it.

I tried to do some more examination and found that 2
things need to be present to get the error.  The \time
2/4 statement has to be present AND more than 2
measures in the nextguitar section need to be present.
 Again I'm using version 2.6.0 in cygwin.

The full error message is:
Calculating line breaks...
In procedure cadr in expression (cadr note-collums):
Wrong type argument in position 1: ()

I fixed the "warning: Junking event: `KeyChangeEvent':
" messages by moving the \key g \major statement
within the \new Staff declaration.

Thanks for any help.

guitarmusic =
    \time 4/4
    g,16\6 d\5 g\4 c'\3~ c'\3 g\4 d\5 g,\6
    bes,16\6 d16\5 g16\4 c'16\3~ c'4\3

    f,16\6 c16\5 f16\4 c'16\3~ c'16\3 f16\4 c16\5
    e,16\6  b,16\5 e16\4 b16\3~ b8.\3 d,16\6

    f,\6 bes,\5 ees\4 aes\3~ aes\3 ees\4 bes,\5 ees,\6
    d,\6 c\5 d\4 a\3~ a4\3~
    \time 2/4

nextguitar =
    r4 r8. bes'16\3 d''4\3~ d''16\3( e''8.\3
    bes'8\3 a'16\3 g'\3~) g'4\3~ g'2\3(
    bes'4.\3 b'8\3 d''2\3~)

chordlist = \chords
    g2:sus4 bes2:6 9
    f2:1.5.8 e2:1.5.8
    ees2:sus4 d1:7^3
\version "2.6.0"
    \new StaffGroup
        \new ChordNames \tempo 4=52 \chordlist
        \new Staff { \key g \major \clef "G_8"
\guitarmusic }
        \new TabStaff <<
          \set TabStaff.stringTunings = #'(4 -1 -5 -10
-15 -22)
              \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
              \override Dots #'transparent = ##t
              \override Beam #'transparent = ##t
        \new Staff {\key g \major \clef "G_8"
        \new TabStaff {
          \override Stem #'transparent = ##t
          \override Dots #'transparent = ##t
          \override Beam #'transparent = ##t

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