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Re: Problems with PDF printing

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Problems with PDF printing
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:09:21 +0200
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My guess is that it's some specific combination of Acroread version,
printer and Ghostscript version. The easiest fix is probably to
upgrade Acroread to a newer version. Hopefully that helps.


Gordon Gilbert wrote:
Hi all!

I've recently noticed that when I print one of my PDF files, the chord names come out garbled -- all 'm's or 'n's or 'u's and the like. The on-screen display is fine, as is the PS file. And when I print the PS file, it's perfect.

I'm using 2.5.29 (waiting for 2.6.x or 2.7.x to come out in ports), Acroread 5.0.10, and GV 3.6.1. Below my signature is the text file, but when I tried to send the PDF and the PS files, it was too big for the list, so if you want to see that, please write, and I'll send it to you directly.

Any ideas, anyone?


Father Gordon Gilbert

    |                 Angels' Roost Farm                  |
    |       Rev. Fr. Gordon Gilbert & Susan Gilbert       |
    |                   705-549-5056                      |
    |                address@hidden                  |
    |                address@hidden                 |

\header {
    filename = ""
    enteredby = "Gordon Gilbert"
    composer = "Gordon Gilbert 1994, 2004"
    poet = "Missa Brevis"
    title = "Gloria In Excelsis"
    subtitle = "Glory to God in the highest"
    metre = ""
    meter = \metre
    copyright = "Gordon Gilbert"
    style =  "Missa Brevis"
    mutopiacomposer = \composer
    maintainer = "Gordon Gilbert"
    maintainerEmail = "address@hidden"
    lastupdated = "2005/September/05"

\version "2.5.29"
    #(set-paper-size "letter")

global= {
    \time 4/4 \key c \major
#(set-global-staff-size 16)

%shorthand for Skip Lyric
sl =  { \skip 4 }

sop = \context Voice = "sop"   {
    g'4^\markup{ \large Brightly }g'8. f'16 e'4 c'8 c' c''4.( b'8) a'4
    a' g' g'8 g' g'4 f'8 e' d'1
    g'4.( f'8) e'2 c''4. b'8 a'4 a' b' b' c'' b' a'2 g'4
    g' g'4. f'8 e'4 c' c''4. b'8 a'4 a' g' g' g' f'8( e') d'2 c'
\time 2/2 e'^\markup{ \large Slower } e'4 e' e'2 e'4 e' g'2 g'4 g' g'2 g'
    e'2 e' gis' gis' a'1 ~ a'1 e'2 e'4 e' e'2. e'4 g'2 g'4 g' g'2.
    g'4 e'1 gis'2 gis' a'1 ~ a'1
    e'2 e' e'4 e' e' e' g' g' g' g'g'2 g'4 g' e'1( gis'2) gis' a'1( g'1)
\time 4/4 g'4^\markup{ \large A Tempo } g'8. f'16 e'4 c'8 c' c''4. b'8 a'2
    g'4 g' g' f'8 e' d'1
    g'4 f' e' c'8 c' c''4.( b'8) a'2
    g'4^\marcato g'^\marcato g'^\marcato  c'8 c' c''4. b'8 a'[ a']
    a'[ a'] g'4 g'8 g' g'4( f'8) e' d'2 c'
    a'4( b') c''2 ~ c''1^\fermata
    \bar "||"


alto = \context Voice = "alto"   {
    e'4 d'8. d'16 c'4 c'8 c' e'2 f'4 f'
    e' e'8 e' e'4 d'8 c' c'2( b)
    e'4. d'8 c'2 e'4. e'8 f'4 f'
    g' g' g' g' g'( fis') d' <d' f'>
    e'4 d' c'4 c' e'4. e'8 f'4 f'
    e' e' e' d'8 c' c'4( b) g2
    c'2 c'4 c' b2 b4 b <c'e'>2 <b d'> 4 d' e'2 e'
    c'2 c' <e' d'> <e' d'> <e' c'>1 ~ <e' c'>1
    c'2 c'4 c' b2. b4 <c'e'>2 <b d'>4 d' e'2. e'4
    c'1 <e' d'>2 <e' d'> <e' c'>1 ~ <e' c'>1
    c'2 b c'4 c' c' c' e' e' e' e' e'2 e'4 e'
    b1 e'2 e' d'1( d')
    e'4 d'8. d'16 c'4 c'8 c' e'4 e' f'2
    e'4 e' e' d'8 c' c'2( b)
    e'4 d' c' c'8 c' g'2 f'
    e'4_\marcato d'_\marcato c'_\marcato c'8 c'
    g'4. g'8 f' f' f' f' e'4 e'8 e' e'4( d'8) c' c'4( b) g2
    c'4( d') e'2 ~ e'1_\fermata

tenor = \context Voice = "tenor"   {
    g4 b8. b16 a4 a8 a c'2 c'4 c'
    c'4 c'8 c' a4 a8 a a2 g2
    g2 a c'4. c'8 c'4 c' d' d' e' d'
    d'2 b4 b g g a a c'4. c'8 c'4 c'
    c' c' c' a g2 e
    a2 a4 a g2 g4 g
    g2 g4 b <a c'>2 <a c'>
    a2 a b b a1 ~ a
    a2 a4 a g2. g4
    g2 g4 b <a c'>2. <a c'>4
    a1 b2 b a1 ~ a
    g2 g a4 a a a g g g b a2 a4 a
    g1 b2 b <a c'>1( <g b>)
    g4 b8. b16 a4 a8 a g4 g a2
    g4 g a a8 a a2( g)
    g4 g a a8 a c'2 c'
    g4^\marcato b^\marcato a^\marcato a8 a
    c'4. c'8 c' c' c' c' c'4 c'8 c' c'4 a8 g
    g2 g <f a>4( <g b>) <g c'>2 ~ <g c'>1^\fermata

bass = \context Voice = "bass"   {
    c4 g,8. g,16 a,4 a,8 a, e2 f4 f
    <g g,>4 <g g,>8 <g g,> a,4 a,8 a, d2 g,
    c4( g,) a,2 e4. e8 f4 f g g a g d2 g4 g
    c g, a,4 a, e4. e8 f4 f
    <g g,> <g g,> a, g, d g, c( b,)
    a,2 a,4 a, e2 e4 e c2 g,4 b, a,2 a,
    a,2 a, e e a,1 ~ a,
    a,2 a,4 a, e2. e4 c2 g,4 b, a,2. a,4
    e,1 e2 e a,1 ~ a,
    c2 b, a,4 a, a, a, c c g, b, a,2 a,4 a,
    e,1( e2) e a,1( b,)
    c4 g,8. g,16 a,4 a,8 a, e4 e f2
    g,4 g, a, a,8 a, d2( g,)
    c4 g, a, a,8 a, e2 f
    c4_\marcato g,_\marcato a,_\marcato a,8 a,
    e4. e8 f f f f g4 g8 g a4 g d g, c2
    f,4( g,) c2 ~ c1_\fermata

accomp=\chordmode {
    c4 g a2:m c:/e f
    c:/g a:m7 d:m g
    c4 g a2:m c:/e f
    g a4:m g d2:7 g4 g:7
    c g a2:m c:/e f
    g a:m7/g d4:m g c c:/b
    a1:m e:m c2 g4 g:/b a1:m7
    a:m e:7 a:m a:m
    a:m e:m c2 g4 g:/b a1:m7
    a:m e:7 a:m a:m
    c2 g:6/b a1:m c2  g:/b a1:m7
    a:m e:7 a:m g:7/b
    c4 g a2:m c:/e f
    c:/g a:m7/g d:m g
    c4 g:7 a2:m c2:/e f
    c4 c:/g a2:m7
    c:/e f
    c:/g a:m7 d4:m g:7 c2
    f4 g c2 c1

text = \lyricmode {

    Glo -- ry to God in the high -- est,
    and peace to His peo -- ple on earth.
    Lord God heav'n -- ly King,
    al -- migh -- ty God and Fa -- ther,
    we wor -- ship You,
    we give You thanks,
    we praise You for Your Glo -- ry.
    Lord Je -- sus Christ,
    on -- ly Son of the Fa -- ther,
    Lord God, Lamb of God,
    You take a -- way the sin of the world:
    have mer -- cy on us;
    You are seat -- ed at the right hand of the Fa -- ther
    re -- ceive __ our prayer.
    For You a -- lone are the Ho -- ly One,
    You a -- lone are the Lord,
    You a -- lone are the most High,
    Je -- sus Christ
    with the Ho -- ly Spi -- rit
    in the glo -- ry of God the Fa -- ther.
    A -- men!

\score {
     \context ChoirStaff <<
           \context ChordNames \accomp
         \unset ChoirStaff.melismaBusyProperties
        \context Staff ="upper"  { \clef "G" <<
        \lyricsto "sop" \new Lyrics \text

        \context Staff = "lower"  { \clef "F"<<
        indent = 0.0\pt
        \context {
            \override ChordName  #'style = #'american
            chordChanges = ##t
    \midi {
        \tempo 4 = 120

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