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Fink's Lilypond 2.6.3 and tex backend

From: Julien Salort
Subject: Fink's Lilypond 2.6.3 and tex backend
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 11:29:11 +0200
User-agent: MacSOUP/F-2.7 (Mac OS X version 10.4.2)


I'm using lilypond on Mac OS X 10.4.2 installed by fink (Package manager
version: 0.24.10, Distribution version: 0.8.0.rsync).
It works great to output Postscript.

However, I can't use the tex backend to get a DVI file.
I get :
% lilypond -b tex
GNU LilyPond 2.6.3
can't open the file with dlopen: dlopen(,
1): image not found
install the package: libkpathsea3 (teTeX 2.x) or libkpathsea4 (teTeX

It seems to me that libkpathsea4 *is* installed :
% fink list kpathsea
Information about 5031 packages read in 1 seconds.
 i   libkpathsea4     3.0-2        Complete distribution of the TeX
 i   libkpathsea4...  3.0-2        Shared libraries for a teTeX

However, I don't have any on my computer.
I only have :

Is there a way to solve this problem ?

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