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Spacing between score and tab

From: Hans
Subject: Spacing between score and tab
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 22:06:30 +0200
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Hello everyone,

As you can see in my latest version of the score I've been working on the final bar lines of the score and tab because they didn't match up. My solution was to add a final chord in the tab and blanking it. Looks like this....

< b,\6 gis\4 d'\3 > \override TabNoteHead #'transparent = ##t < b,\6 gis\4 d'\3 > 2 \bar "|."

I'm so proud of myself :-)

But what I still don't understand is why the spacing between the score and the tab is different between the first two and the third line. The third line is much longer spaced and to be honest, I would like to have the spacing of the third line on line 1 and 2 as well. So what is wrong here? Thanks for the help again.


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