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Re: Including artwork

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Including artwork
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:49:28 +0200
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Your example works without problem here, both with version 2.6.4 and
2.7.12. Note that the box is placed at the left edge of the paper.
Do you get any warnings or errors?


Luís Marques wrote:

On 10/24/05, Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden> wrote:
If you want it before the score, just put it before the \score{...}
in the input file. It works exactly the same way as if you want
several scores in the same file, just put the corresponding \score{...}
blocks after eachother.

Thing is, that didn't work. I'm trying with the eps file from the
regression test

The lilypond file goes in attachment. The markup block is before the
score. The box isn't drawn though. Other methods worked, so the file
path and such must be right.

Luís Marques

\version "2.6.3"

 title = "Blue-Bells of Scotland"

one = \relative
 \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'()
 \key g \major
 \partial 4

 d g2 fis4 e d2 e4 fis8( g8) r1 r2 r4 d g2 fis4 e \break
 d2 e4 fis8( g8) r1 r2 r4 d r2 r4 d g2 e4 fis8( g8) \break
 fis4 d e r r2 e4 fis g2 fis4 e d2 e4 fis8( g8) r1 r2 r4

two =  \relative
 \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'()
 \clef "bass"
 \key g \major
 \partial 4

 r4 r1 r1 b4 b c a g2. r4 r1  \break
 r1 b4 b c a g2. r4 b4 g b r r1 r2 r4 cis4 d2 r2 r1 r1 b4 b c a g2.

\epsfile #"box.eps"

 \new Staff \one
 \new Staff \two


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