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Re: Letter page length too long

From: Michael Haynie
Subject: Re: Letter page length too long
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:56:45 -0400

Ah -- found it:

/Applications/ paper.scm

That's a mouth full. There is a definition for bottommargin that is set to 6mm, which is a little shy of the 1/4 inch usually recommended for printer margins. I also see a topmargin set to 5mm. I'm not sure why I'm not seeing trouble at the top of the page, unless there is some additional space in the header that isn't obvious to me.

Setting bottommargin to 7.5 allows the footer to print without being cut off, at least with the deskjet 5550 I'm currently using.

I think it might be a good idea to increase the bottom margin to 7.5 or even 8 mm. Surely those last 2mm don't make a difference in setting scores, and do prevent having to hack around to avoid having the footer cut off. Thoughts?

On Oct 25, 2005, at 7:31 PM, Erik Sandberg wrote:

On Wednesday 26 October 2005 01.00, Michael Haynie wrote:
OK -- I verified that -sPAPERSIZE="letter" is appearing on the gs line, and Acrobat reader reports 8.5x11, as I mentioned previously. Printing
A4 on Letter with scaling results in wider margins at the right and
left, since a4 is longer than letter.  This is default behavior on Mac
OS.  Not scaling cuts off much more than half a line of text.

So -- back to my theory -- there is probably a collection of paper
dimensions in the sources somewhere, and one of them is wrong.  Where
should I look?

You can try
grep a4 scm/*.scm
in the source tree


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