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RE:Running Lilypond through jEdit in Windows

From: Fodor Bertalan
Subject: RE:Running Lilypond through jEdit in Windows
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:10:36 +0200 (CEST)

You need Java 5.0 (aka 1.5) for this version (and now on). I know this 
is sad for Mac users, but I would not have had enough motivation to 
work on LilyPondTool if I must stay with 1.4


anders stenberg <address@hidden> írta:

> Hi!
> I did folow the procedure outlined by Bertalan Fodor in vol 35 issue 
> When loading the lilytool 0.2.8-6 all I get is an Error message:
> Cannot start: java.lang. Unsuported ClassVersionError, 
> Lilytool/lilytool.jar:
> (Unsuported major.minor version 49.0 ) try uploading to a newer 
> of the plugin.
> Is there anything wrong with my setup? or is this a bug? 
> did I stupidly do something wrong?
> Yours Anders Stenberg

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