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Re: Scribus - alternative to lilybook?

From: Stephen Corey
Subject: Re: Scribus - alternative to lilybook?
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 11:16:54 -0500
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Henrik Frisk wrote:

Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> wrote:

Henrik Frisk wrote:
That would actually be pretty neat...

Sponsored feature, anyone?

This sounds interesting, although I'm not quite sure what you
mean. Once
I've imported a pdf into Scribus your suggestion would allow me to edit
the .ly file and then have the plugin render the new pdf and replace it
with the old one?
Yes, but then the .ly would be editable from within Scribus, so you
only have to import a .ly , or enter it from scratch.

If that's possible I'm up for a share of the cost.
That would be cool. It would be significant amount of work, since I'd
have to get familiar with Scribus and its plugin interface.  I'd guess
that this would be 1000 eur or 2000 eur, in order of magnitude.

Let's see if we can create an interest in this. I think this would be a
valuable addition to LilyPond. Anybody willing to co-sponsor?


Hello, this is my newbie post. I've been using Lilypond with jEdit for about 2 months now for arranging instrumental parts. The only challenge has been learning some of the syntax but I can't complain. You have done a wonderful job with this software. I'd be interested in helping to support getting this Scribus feature up and running. Also, are there any user groups in the Eastern U.S. or parties interested in perhaps a workshop?

Stephen Corey
Richmond, Virginia, USA

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