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[OT] was: Re: lilypond fonts and inkscape

From: Sean Reed
Subject: [OT] was: Re: lilypond fonts and inkscape
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:09:27 +0100


this program (inkscape) looks excitingly promising as an alternative to illustrator, but unfortunately opening .ps files appears to still only be a working function on linux and not yet on osx!

does anyone know of a similar open source svg oriented program with which a person can, for example, make manual tweaks to postscript files?


Sean Reed
Hamburg, Germany

On 08.11.2005, at 02:37, Pedro Kröger wrote:

Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes:

You should be able to figure it out yourself, by looking at the PDF
original, or opening the XML view for the box in  inkscape.

thanks for the clue. I didn't knew any of this (this is the first time
I'm using inkscape).

It's definitely  related to the Aybabtu font. This is the char that is
not been shown:

<text style="font-family:Aybabtu;font-style:Regular;font-size: 4.0;text-anchor:west;" fill="currentColor">

I'll look further to see if there is something broke in my system.

Pedro Kröger

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