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why not two lists ?

From: Cyprien Gay
Subject: why not two lists ?
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 23:10:33 +0100
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I am new to Lilypond, and eager to get hands on it !
I do choir practice / sometimes directing.
I've been using LaTeX for many years (research in physics).
As for OSes, I haven't used Windows for about three years.

Just a quick question :
I've been listening to this list for a few weeks
and noticed that threads on installation
and threads on writing music are totally mixed.
Would it not be useful to have two different lists ?
(just a suggestion).


PS. I tried installing Lily on Mandriva 2005 recently
and failed, but I was too busy then to ask for help here.
This time I want to try it on Ubuntu (Breezy),
so I'll join a thread on this topic.

Cyprien Gay.

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