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Re: "\unfoldRepeats" bug? [was: Partial measure moment]

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: "\unfoldRepeats" bug? [was: Partial measure moment]
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 21:39:51 +0100
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On Tuesday 15 November 2005 14.37, Gilles wrote:

> Hello.


> > >> - Partial bars:

> > >> You probably don't want to use \partial in the middle of a piece. In

> > >> your example, it tends to destroy the bar numbering. I think it's a

> > >> better idea to set Timing.measureLength directly.

> >

> > One thing that might be easier is using \cadenzaOff, which will handle

> > setting Timing.measurePosition correctly for you. (See also

> > \cadenzaOn, which turns off timing.)


> The problem comes from "\unfoldRepeats" !

> See the attached files for a stripped-down but complete example

> of the construct; the desired print output is achieved using

> "\cadenzaOn" and "\cadenzaOff", as suggested.

(btw, it can be further reduced e.g. by removing

> (1)

> First, is this in effect the most straightforward way to obtain

> the expected result?

No, a problem is that \cadenzaOff doesn't mark the end of the bar (there will be four beats before the candenza bar is finished).

> What would the equivalent incantation using "Timing.measurePosition"?

I guess it'd be something like

\set Timing.measurePosition = #(make-moment 1 4)

where you now inserted \cadenzaOn. But I don't know, so please experiment.

> (2)

> In the 3rd attached file, when "\unfoldRepeats" is put back in,

> warnings show up:

That's becaue you don't end the cadenza within the repeat. Repeat unfolding works in principle by copy&paste, so you will have two \cadenzaOn:s followed by two cadenzaOff:s in your example; this may give unexpected results.



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