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Re: lily in agnula ? lily in live distro ?

From: Darius Blasband
Subject: Re: lily in agnula ? lily in live distro ?
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 10:26:30 +0100
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Jay Hamilton, Sound and Silence wrote:

Hardware auto worked fine but connecting it all together each and every time you boot up is a total pain.

I totally agree... Hence my comment about installing it on a hard disk; booting on the CD is unreasonable beyond demoware...

And it wasn't so much that the initial cost was so much but that between very slow and mostly inadequate support (the forums last I checked and that was a while ago- I basically gave up on it- were of not much use and none of the advise I got worked.) and then that the software was integrated but not with any of the hardware so just to start it took forever each time.

I needed support only once, and the answer was prompt and adequate. But I might have been just lucky...


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