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Re: partcombine and stems

From: Eduardo Vieira
Subject: Re: partcombine and stems
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:47:07 -0200

> Eduardo Vieira wrote:
> > Another question: Referring to the shaped notes, how could I invert
> > the notehead of the "gis2" in the 16th and 18th measure? Shouldn't the
> > program automatically have made them follow the same pattern of the
> > next "gis8" in the mentioned measures?
> I seem to recall that there were some bugs related to shaped notes
> around version
> 2.6.0, I would recommend to upgrade to the latest stable version, 2.6.4,
> where I
> think this has been fixed.
>     /Mats

I was using version 2.6.3 and then I downloaded: lilypond-2.6.4-upgrade. The
problem remains the same.
Also, when to voices have the same note a "fas" (triangle -- the fourth step
in a scale) both noteheads are put together and what you see is a rectangle.
Has it been fixed yet? Or do we have to manually make one notehead


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