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Re: Controlling stave separation

From: Art Hixson
Subject: Re: Controlling stave separation
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 11:59:42 -0800
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Thanks Thies,
That curly quote symbol was copied, using the copy function, from section 7.1.5 of the PDF version of the User Manual where I note other instances of the same sort. Had I typed the string I wouldn't have had the problem as I don't have that character on my keyboard. But, it's handy to snip bits from the manual. Can that be corrected?

Thies Albrecht wrote:

Hi Art!

I tried \override Stem #’length = #0 but I get an unbound variable error.

There's a little fault in syntax as you have to use an ' instead of ’
(\override Stem #'length = #0)


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