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Re: Why aren't repeats unfolded automatically in MIDI?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Why aren't repeats unfolded automatically in MIDI?
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 10:50:41 +0100
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One reason is that the MIDI output, at least initially, only was intended
for proof listening a score, not to produce any musically pleasing output.
In such a situation, you clearly don't want to listen to the repeats.

Regarding realizations of pralls, trills and so on, I hope you realize that
there is no single "correct" realization of each such ornament. So,
I would judge it extremely hard to implement something that produces
a MIDI output that is pleasing to listen to, especially considering all
the treatises from the baroque era that describes how all playing and
ornamentation should be done according to the "good taste".


Raphael Manfredi wrote:

What is the technical reason for repeats to not be automatically "played"
(i.e. unfolded) as many times as necessary in the MIDI output?

The "\unfoldRepeats" is a crude hack, and I fail to see the justification
behind this feature.  Surely, lilypond knows how to iterate over repeats
to be able to process "\unfoldRepeats" so surely it should not have any
problem generating correct MIDI output without this directive.

Why isn't this behaviour "fixed" to behave normally, i.e have MIDI output
reflect the music as written?


P.S: Why aren't pralls, trills, arpeggios not automatically realized
during MIDI output?  When playing baroque music, the lack of realization
of those ornaments really changes the way it sounds.  And typesetting
the realization in the score is cumbersome and messes the visual quality
of the score.

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