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Your query about diagram of a .ly file

From: Gordon Gilbert
Subject: Your query about diagram of a .ly file
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 23:59:05 -0500 (EST)


I'm likewise a non-geek who has appreciated lilypond for what it can do for me. I have been transcribing hymns and worship songs for somewhat over a year now, and really enjoying it.

What I've found works best, for those of us who don't understand all the syntax and other features of the files is to use a template. I have three basic formats I use:

Hymn format, with words between the treble and bass staves
Hymn-with-chords format, the same but with chord symbols on top
Lead sheet format, a melody line with words underneath and chords on top

I found some samples on the lilypond web-site, and also on, downloaded them, and changed all the variables one by one. That is, I saved the file as a name I wanted, removed their notes, and replaced them with mine, removed the words and replaced them, and removed the chords, and replaced them. Each time I made a change, I would compile the piece, making sure it would work with each minor change. I also keep some features of the syntax, commented out with % so I can use them later if I need to (number of stanzas, etc.)

Now, any time I have a new piece I want to enter, I pick a similar one from my stock and "save as" and go from there as I described above. It works very well, because you are only making small changes each time.

Also, if you can download and install jEdit, it has lilypond mode, where the .ly file syntax is coloured to help show you what is what. (That still doesn't mean I know all about it, but I *can* find a missing { or " or whatever.)

Hope this helps.


Father Gordon Gilbert

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