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Re: User Experience Engineering

From: Marc Weber
Subject: Re: User Experience Engineering
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 10:57:10 +0100
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Hi @ll!

I've read the whole thread about this topic.. I wonder why you are just
talking about gui..?
Linda hasen't mentionied this anywhere in her original post (?)

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 03:54:48PM -0500, Linda Seltzer wrote:
> A smooth user interface employing the standard already-debugged platforms,
> such as Notepad and Word on Windows, with everything bug free, is more
> important than more and more detailed features, which can be added later.
> Every 10 minues spent system administrating and installing things is 10
> minutes that real work doesn't get accomplished.
My response also relies on the other posts of this thread...

Perhaps only providing one installer installing lilypond and jedit +
lily4jedit, perhaps with the default settings to show the error list
pluigin docked at the bottom or the like  would have saved those 10 min
"administration time" ... in case it works out of the box.. ;-)
Then you don't have to install anything additional..
Perhaps it would be also possible to scan registry for looking for adobe
reader (which is a default application on windows I think)..
But then you would have to update the installer either if lily4jedit,
lilypond or jedit has advanced.. That's like downloading a new
distribition just to install one update..

Then you have all: Woring documentation (through lily4jedit), working
compiling chain.. and so on ..  The only drawback: You need to speak
English.. ;-)
Would you also have to include java JRE 1.5? not sure at the moment..

Aeh... Why use Word or Notepad if you can't print? So should notepad and
Word be shipping with printer drivers and printers hardwore or with pdf
export filters like openoffice? (the last point: yes, they should ;-)


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