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Re: feature request: semi-automatic vertical spacement

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: feature request: semi-automatic vertical spacement
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 18:01:14 -0600

On 1/17/06, Fairchild <address@hidden> wrote:
> Some months ago I proposed implementation of individual line spacing control
> with\breakSpace #n to force n staff spaces between lines, and
> \pageBreakSpace #n to force n staff spaces at the bottom of a page.  Spacing
> following normal breaks or those forced with \break or \pageBreak would be
> calculated as now.
> This presents a simple syntax to the user and allows precise vertical
> spacing of individual lines or of an entire page if each line is followed by
> a \breakSpace or \pageBreakSpace.
> Too simple?

Hey Bruce,

You know, that might work. Could we work out a fictitious example real
quick so I can see how the numbers would work?

Let's say that we've got a score on US letter in portrait orientation
(so 8.5" wide and 11" tall) and that on one particular page there are
to be two systems, each with three staves, so:

 ========= (sys 2, staff 3)

 ========= (sys 2, staff 2)

 ========= (sys 2, staff 1)

  ========= (sys 1, staff 3)

  ========= (sys 1, staff 2)

  ========= (sys 1, staff 1)

So we've got a page with 2 systems, each with 3 staves (with a total
of 6 staves on the page).

Then we decide we want the following (all of which are made-up for
example), working from the bottom of the page up over all 6 staves:

1. lowest line of [sys 1, staff 1] to be 1.4" from bottom-of-page
2. lowest line of [sys 1, staff 2] to be 2.9" from bottom-of-page
3. lowest line of [sys 1, staff 3] to be 4.26" from bottom-of-page
4. lowest line of [sys 2, staff 1] to be 6.2" from bottom-of-page
5. lowest line of [sys 2, staff 2] to be 7.82" from bottom-of-page
6. lowest line of [sys 2, staff 3] to be 9.53" from bottom-of-page

what would be hypothetical settings for \breakSpace #n and
\pageBreakSpace #n to achieve those values?

(And assuming that we can come up with a good example here, there
remains the question of whether it's better to put what is essentially
page-layout information inline with the musical directives (like with
\breakSpace and \pageBreakSpace) or whether it's better for that
page-layout information to go in an entirely separate part of the .ly
file ... probably that \layout { } block. I'm divided about that
question, but leaning towards the idea that this and other type of
page definition information should live outside of the main music
entry commands. Thoughts?)

Trevor Bača

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