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Re: Lilypond, OS X and LaTeX

From: Heike Cappel
Subject: Re: Lilypond, OS X and LaTeX
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:31:30 +0000

I am using lilypond-book on OS X and get several eps files, one without a -number ending and then one with a -number ending for each line. The first file is okay, the others only have staves, no notes. Currently I edit the include file to use the big, working eps.

On a different matter, how do I get umlauts to work with lilypond-book? I know this has been asked before, but I have tried including  \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} in the original file and neither ü, \"u or "u seem to work.

Thank you,

On 25 Jan 2006, at 20:22, Anas Ghrab wrote:

Le 25 janv. 06 à 20:39, Mats Bengtsson a écrit :

These warning messages look completely normal. How did you reach the conclusion that the resulting file didn't work? Did you try ps2pdf
on the file?

Yes, I used ps2pdf, but I get a file with only staves, and no notes, like in one of these two files (the other is ok) : lily-341857878-1.eps  and lily-341857878.eps

Bye the way, is it possible to make a command that gives directly from the .ly file the good .eps file, without need of the latex command, or a command that give an ps file which fits with the text and not a hole page ? I can then manually integrate it in the LateX file.

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