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Completion notes

From: Thies Albrecht
Subject: Completion notes
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 18:17:35 +0100
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Hi everybody!

For the first I'm typesetting a score containing 'completion notes'. I don't know if that's the correct name for it, but I found something similar in the regression tests.

What I mean with 'completion' is:
There is a dotted half note starting in bar#1 on beat 3 with time signature set 4/4, so the note will last until the end of beat 1, bar#2. (In the regression test I found the 'Completion_heads_engraver', that's how I got the name for it.)

My question:
The notes are notated in the correct way (dotted half on beat3, bar#1, correct bar line, next note on beat2, bar#2). But what I observed is that there will be no line break at the bar line neither if left to lily nor by manually inserting \break in a global section.

Is that correct behaviour of lily? If yes, I would be happy about any hints on a workaround.

Kind regards,
Thies Albrecht

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