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system start delimiter for one staff

From: liang seng
Subject: system start delimiter for one staff
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 10:54:53 +0000

Hi, I'm using Lilypond 2.7.27 for Windows 98. I would like to know if we can force a system start delimiter (a bracket) to appear before a StaffGroup or ChoirStaff that has only one staff.
Here is an example:
\version "2.7.27"

\new StaffGroup { <<
\new Staff {  R1  }
>> } }

Here, I want the bracket to appear before the staff even though there is only one staff in the StaffGroup. How can I force the bracket to appear? This is because if I recall correctly, the stable version 2.6.3 allows brackets to appear in StaffGroups or ChoirGroups which contain only one staff.
Thank you.

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