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volta brackets not 'closing'

From: Stuart Lowe
Subject: volta brackets not 'closing'
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:27:29 -0500
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In the first part of a tune I'm doing, I want to have a repeat volta (2)
with 2 alternatives.


  \repeat volta 2 {
  \grg f4. _\markup { transition } ( f4. )
  \hdblg g4. ( g4. )
  \dblA A4. ( A4. )
  f8 e8 f8 \dbld d4 e8 \break
  \grg f4. ( f4. )
  \hdblg g4. ( g4. )
  e8 A8 e8 A8 f8 e8

  \alternative {
  {f8 e8 c8 \grg f4.}
  {f4 e4 c4 \grg f4. (f4.) \bar "||" \break }

When I do it this way, the 2nd volta bracket doesn't 'close' 
(no vertical line on the right edge).

In the second alternative, if I replace 

\bar "||"       with
\bar "|."

Then it 'closes'.  Is this normal behaviour?

Also:  in this tune, all of the parts have 8 bars
and are either repeated or written out in full - except for
one part - it has 8 bars but is only to be played once over.

I want to indicate an 'end of part' by doing a ' \bar "||" '
at the end, but this doesn't get picked up somehow - lilypond
just displays a single bar line at the end of this part.




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