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New to Lilypond...many questions! Simple chord placement ? to start

From: Edward Ardzinski
Subject: New to Lilypond...many questions! Simple chord placement ? to start
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 22:50:38 +0000 (UTC)
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I am using 2.6.5 on a WIndows XP-home box.  Pretty new computer, no issues in 
the 6 months I've been beating it.

I tried to post some code I lifted the example below from one of the examples 
in the documentation, but the submitter form kept saying I was top posting.  
I'll describe the issue. If I uncomment either the bass clef of the key 
signature, the chord symbols will print below the staff for me.  Not critical, 
but it looks better for doing a lead sheet (which is a large part of what I'm 
seeing myself do with this program) having the chords on top, and the first 
tune I am working on is in B major...

Is there a way for me to ensure the chord symbols print above the stave?  Bug 
on Windows eXpect Problems??  Especially this cheeze Home Edition?

I am just expecting a little too much of myself after playing "in the pond" for 
a couple of days? :-)

I would be happy to send an e-mail with an attached .ly file to show what's 


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