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Re: Linux installer 2.8.0

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: Re: Linux installer 2.8.0
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 05:28:12 +1100
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Helder Gomes da Silva wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am using Debian GNU/Linux. So, I downloaded the Lilypond installer to
> my machine.
> My home directory is /home/hgsilva
> I have a folder ~/bin to install the custom software that I do not
> install using debian packages.
> I decided to run the installer but, I was only able to perform an
> installation in /home/hgsilva/lilypond
> I would like to know how to change this behaviour in order to choose the
> folder where I can store the installed version.

Try using the --PREFIX flag:

sh --PREFIX=/home/hgsilva/bin/

and this should work as requested.


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