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Re: lilypond-mode.el

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Re: lilypond-mode.el
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:18:49 +0200

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On 30 mrt 2006, at 15:03, Orm Finnendahl wrote:

Hi Arjan,

thanks for the hints. I had a closer look at lilypond-mode.el and as
far as I can see it can't possibly work. The syntax table seems to get
erased in a post-command hook which might be related to a
non-functioning context determination. I guess that's the price you
pay for mixing syntaxes of different programming languages like scheme
and TeX and changing syntactic meanings based on the current notation
context. For now it seems easiest to get rid of the redefinition of
the context-based syntax table. That way at least the basic cursor
movements between parentheses work.

I attach the modified lilypond-mode.el in case someone has use for
it. Changes are annotated.

The autocompletion is also clear now: iso-lefttab is bound to M-/ (or
Esc-Tab). In the attached lilypond-mode.el file it is rebound to
C-tab, which works with my WindowManager.

In addition, the lilypond-mode.el contains code to use xpdf in server
mode which binds one xpdf server to each *.ly buffer. Redisplaying the
pdf of a buffer results in redisplaying the file in the server rather
than reopening an new xpdf process which I think is more convenient.
This sounds like a good idea. I did not look at that part of the code, but is that functionality cross-platform compatible? Does it work on Solaris, BSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows?

If I have more time I might take a closer look at lilypond-mode.el and
fix it properly, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be at all

I'm having trouble myself with some defun's that have midi in their name (like (defun LilyPond-string-current-midi () ). In the intro, it says that lilypond-mode.el has support for:
<copy src="lilypond-mode.el">
;;;;    * Add PS-compilation, PS-viewing and MIDI-play (29th Aug 2001)
;;;;    * Keyboard shortcuts (12th Sep 2001)
;;;;    * Inserting tags, inspired on sgml-mode (11th Oct 2001)
;;;;    * Autocompletion & Info (23rd Nov 2002)

I'm hoping that I'm not stepping on any toes here, but it seems to me that in a true unix tradition, lilypond-mode should do only one thing and do it good and that is helping with the editing of .ly files. So could we please leave the PS-compilation, PS-viewing and MIDI-play to more appropriate emacs editting modes? I'm the maintainer of three major modes (with minor usage and all only for gnu emacs), so I do know a bit about emacs modes. It seems to me that things can be accomplished in a more straightforward way. Just three days ago I dabbled with the idea of writing my own lilypond-mode.el that would only do font-locking, auto-indentation and compiling .ly files. It's just that I'm too pressed for time that's holding me back. Aber wenn Ich dir helfen kann, dann sag's mir bitte.

BTW: The info files don't seem to get installed by the install script
which makes the corresponding menu entries unusable. Maybe it would be
better to switch to the html documentation altogether although it is
always nice to have a tight integration with emacs for code snippets
and such.

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Met vriendelijke groenten,
Arjan Bos
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