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Re: Rehearsal mark below/between staves

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: Rehearsal mark below/between staves
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:06:53 +1100
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On Tue, 4 Apr 2006 07:32, Dave LaDelfa wrote:
> 1. Sometimes (typically in parts) text needs to attach to the rightmost
> barline and be underneath the staff, i.e. the second example on doc page
> 8.1.3 -- I'd like to have something like "D.S. as Fine" (say, "Minuetto da
> capo") go under the staff, not over it.
Just use
\override Score.RehearsalMark #'direction = #DOWN
> 2. Sometimes in an orchestral or band score it is helpful to the conductor
> to see rehearsal letters in more than one place, e.g. top of the page,
> between the winds and percussion, between the percussion and strings, and
> beneath the strings. There ought to be a way to indicate (at score level?)
> by staff whether to show the rehearsal letters above/beneath/both/not at
> all.
You can achieve this by moving the Mark_engraver from the Score context to the 
Staff context. Note that this will require your marks to be present in all 
staves or else each mark will only be printed in one staff.

Here is a complete example. Note that I am overriding Staff.RehearsalMark 
instead of Score.RehearsalMark because I moved the Mark_engraver to the Staff 
context. This is tested with 2.9 but should also work with 2.8 and later 2.7 

\version "2.9.0"

\new Score \with {
  \remove "Mark_engraver"
    \new Staff \with { \consists "Mark_engraver" } {
      a b c d \mark "A" a b c d
    \new Staff {
      d e f g d e f g
    \new Staff \with { \consists "Mark_engraver" } {
      a b c d \mark "B" a b c d
      \override Staff.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #RIGHT
      \override Staff.RehearsalMark #'break-visibility = #all-visible
      \override Staff.RehearsalMark #'direction = #DOWN
      \mark "D.C. al fine"

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