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Re: Weird slurs

From: Tomas Valusek
Subject: Re: Weird slurs
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 13:48:11 +0200
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I've played a little more with my slur problem. Here's the cod snippet:

%Begin code
\version "2.8.1"
\relative c
\clef bass
\key c \major
\time 4/4

c8( d' a d c, d' a d)
c,( des' as des c, des' as des)
c,( c' g c c, c' g c)
c,( bes' f bes c, bes' f bes)
%End code

I'd like slurs to look similar throughout all four measures, but slurs in measures 2 and 4 obviously ignore height-limit - they are much higher than two stuff spaces ...

It looks to me as a bug. Or am I doing something wrong?

Tomas Valusek

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