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Re: missing something like afterAcciaccatura

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: missing something like afterAcciaccatura
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 22:22:06 +0200
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You have to set the corresponding property manually,

\afterGrace d1 {\once \override Stem #'stroke-style = #"grace" c8 }


Quoting Roland Goretzki <address@hidden>:

Hi list,

in this documentation for 2.8 I found the \afterGrace command.
Just that I was looking for, but for acciaccatura.

But this I couldn'd find.
Or is ist wrong, to take a \afterAcciaccatura?
In a song score, which I'm typing in, there does it exist ...

Can anybody help me, please?

Best Regards           Roland

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