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Feature requests

From: Jacob Cooper
Subject: Feature requests
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 21:02:27 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi there,

First - thank you for a tremendous program! I've used it minimally so far, but I
eagerly follow updates, and look forward to being able to use it more.

One hangup for me is lilypond's handling of lyrics. I don't care as much how
they're entered as how they're output. Right now, it looks like syllables are
aligned so that the left edge of the longest syllable (in polyphonic choral
music) is aligned with the center of the note it's matched with, and in every
other part, the syllables are center aligned with that one long syllable. The
result is that shorter syllables are placed quite a distance from their
corresponding note. The way it should look (see Barenreuter's Passion scores,
for instance) is that all syllables are centered on the centerline of the
noteheads, and the noteheads adjusted accordingly. One should be able to draw a
single vertical line that would neatly bisect every note and every syllable at a
given beat. Syllables should not extend to the left of a barline; rather, the
notes should adjust to the right.

Also, there needs to be a better way to add text above a staff, particularly if
there are also lyrics. Currently, it seems that text added above a staff (using
^) is attached to lyric text, which creates odd alignment issues. Any text above
the staff needs to be linked to the bar (or beat) and free thereafter. By
default, it should not affect anything else on the staff, unless specifically
called to extend the bar. Text should default to left alignment at the beat of
entry; with allowance for right alignment to place text at the end of a line.
Alternatively, allow \mark to attach to a specific staff, instead of always at
the top of the system, as it's much better behaved.

I would be willing to co-sponsor these improvements, and I'd be happy to know
what your pricing may be.

Best regards,

Jacob Cooper

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