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kill off acrobat reader before generating .pdf?

From: Simon Dahlbacka
Subject: kill off acrobat reader before generating .pdf?
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 20:17:01 +0300


After getting annoyed with the fact that lilypond fails if I happen to keep Acrobat Reader open (since it for some curious reason holds an exclusive lock on the file) when running it I wondered if lilypond could kill acrobat reader, before trying to generate the pdf?

It seems that it is possible using DDE (this is what texniccenter does).

- does this belong in lilypond proper or in lilypond-mode (emacs) or <insert editor of choice>?

- if all else fails I suppose I could create my own wrapper that took care of the problem..

How are you guys dealing with this?



PS. Using lilypond 2.8 on winXP

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