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Re: New User

From: Stan Mulder
Subject: Re: New User
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 15:12:16 -0400
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Melanie Grouse wrote:
I'm not sure if I doing this right, or even if this is the right forum for me, - I have just started using Lilypond to transpose music for my son who is a trumpeter so he can play in church. I feel like I am blundering around in the dark, I haven't ever used a progam like this before, and while I have got it working, I know it is capable of a lot more. I want to add lyrics to the single line of music, and I can't work that out.

Melanie and group,

Here's what I do, and I use Linux: I use a graphical program to input the general notation. Then I export that info to a Lilypond music file. Then I can tweak the music with a text editor until I get it they way I want it. The point is that a graphical front end program makes writing Lilypond code easier.

What would be helpful to new users is to point out a list of notation programs they could use which will export Lilypond code. Does anybody have that link? In Linux I'm using Noteedit. It's not perfect, but it provides a great start. There's Rosegarden and Denemo as well.


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