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Re: Which frontend?

From: Christopher Giroir
Subject: Re: Which frontend?
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 12:40:53 -0400
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Eyolf Ostrem wrote:

Which frontends do yo all use for lilypond? Here's the ones I've tried out so far, with my experiences - some bad, some good:

2. Rosegarden.
I had hopes for this program, but most of them have been thrashed. The keyboard input mode is hopeless, with the fixed positions, relative to the key, which means (as far as I have found out), that if you write a piece in b major, there is no way one can insert notes with the keyboard below the middle line in a staff with a treble clef. There are other gripes too, but this is enough to make it useless for me.
I agree on the points you made, but also have to point out that Rosegarden was meant to be an audio recording / midi production software. In this case it could be just what someone is looking for. If you want to write music using midi keyboards, record, then quantize and convert to Lilypond while at the same time recording vocals and using effects etc you should look into Rosegarden. I was having fun using it and Creox to record my guitar the other night :) Some great stuff going on (finally) for linux and sound recording!

But unfortunately if you want to actually use the keyboard input method... yeah Rosegarden falls short :-(


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