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Re: can not get --help info from out/

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Re: can not get --help info from out/
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 14:04:27 -0700
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> I forgot to mention that I made local "make install" in the
> directory containing lilylib, so that I now have
> /usr/local/share/lilypond/2.9.2/python/
> /usr/local/share/lilypond/2.9.2/python/lilylib.pyc
> even if Lilypond-2.9.2 has not been built yet.
> Greetings/Donald
See the most recent Gentoo ebuild here (click on the "View" link):
and have a look at the src_unpack function to see how Gentoo gets around
this issue.


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