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Re: Beginners first attempt

From: Nick
Subject: Re: Beginners first attempt
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 05:37:36 -1000

On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 09:06 -0700, Rick Hansen (aka RickH) wrote:
> I'm not on a computer where I can test this now, but a cursory glance tells
> me that your containment of the \center-align { } function is not correct. 
> All the things that you want "stacked vertically" should be contained in the
> center-align outer brackets, you are ending your \center-align column with
> only one line item in it.
> Here is an example that stacks the name of the chord as one line, and the
> fret diagram as the second line, anything enclosed within \center-align will
> keep them "glued together" for you in a vertical column.  The things that
> you want to stay "glued together" horizontally should be enclosed in a \line
> { } container.  (note \fret-diagram-terse does not require a \line container
> because it it a single markup character)  whereas the chord name consists of
> multiple characters that need to stay adjacent horizontally and treated as a
> single entity for the \center-align column creator.  The term \center-align
> is misleading, it's really a column creator, if you were using web
> consortium standard CSS then, \line and \center-align are analygous to the
> display:inline; and display:block; style properties respectively.
> example that stacks 2 lines:
> \markup { \center-align { 
> \line { F \super \line { 7 \raise #0.5 \flat 9 } } 
> \fret-diagram-terse #"2;x;1;2;1;x;" 
> }
> }

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