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Have the fonts changed?

From: Eyolf Ostrem
Subject: Have the fonts changed?
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 01:15:20 +0200
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I finally managed to upgrade to the latest version of Lilypond, from the 2.6.4 
that I used to run. I'm very happy with the new features (especially the 
musica ficta option), but there is one change which I'm not quite as happy 
with: the fonts, more precisely: the way they look in [k|x]pdf. 
When I generated scores under 2.6.4, everything looked fine, but now the music 
fonts are not anti-aliased, with the result that every note looks filled - 
not ideal, to say the least. If I view the ps-files directly or the pdf files 
in Adobe Acrobat, it's still fine, and printouts from xpdf look the way they 
Is it the fonts that have changed? Or the generation? I searched the forums, 
and some reports similar to mine (but related to the text fonts, which are 
fine here) seem to indicate that it has to do with the package 
ec-fonts-mftraced. I have v. 1.0.12 installed (distro: ArchLinux).
I can use ViewPS (in emacs) of course, so it's not a big problem, but I was 
wondering all the same. 
One last thing: When I aired the question in the Arch forum, it was suggested 
that I ask xpdf/kpdf/poppler dev for its support. Is that relevant?


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