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Re: Beam Positions

From: Roland Goretzki
Subject: Re: Beam Positions
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 11:20:45 +0200
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Hello list, hello Trent,

You wrote:
> I'm having trouble with changing the lengths of beams. When I use:
>     \once \override Beam #'positions = #'(1 . 1.5)
> in the below example I get a strange beamed group. The 32nd beamed notes
> stick out. No matter how I adjust the numbers the 32nd notes stick out. I've
> added a picture showing the output.

This is for 2.8.1 and for 2.8.2.

I've had the same problem a few weeks ago and couldn't find a solution.
The problem appears with and without the "\once".

It was not that necessary to get this, so I leaved it out and forgot to
post it to this list. But it should be reported, I think. ;-)

Best Regards           Roland

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