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Codas - STILL can't get it right...

From: lilypond
Subject: Codas - STILL can't get it right...
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 13:48:23 +0100
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I've upgraded to mingw 2.8.2 ...

Firstly, thanks for the tip about This looks exactly
like what I want ... except I can't find any docu except the example
itself, and cut-n-pasting seems to have no effect :-( (I've looked in
the manual index, and in the html internal thingy which I used IE's
search on)

And I still can't get my "DS al Coda" and coda symbols to come out
where/how I want them. It's all very well saying "attach them to the
note before/after", but (a) imho they belong attached to the barline,
and (b) last time I attached something like that to a R1*8 it looked
rather silly ...

(Actually, I think it was effectively << {s2 s s1*3} {R1*4} >> with the
s's and R in different voices on the same staff, but it was a mess The
s2 stuff was a deliberate (and failed) attempt to get it to go to the
left.) Oh - and with my current part the coda will collide with a
fermata :-(

The problem (from my point of view) is that I'm in the habit of putting
all the structure in a separate voice from the notes, and codas etc are
structure. So I can't attach them to a genuine note or fine-tune their
left/right alignment, because I re-use the same structure voice across
multiple parts, hence stuff like that getting attached to a R1*8!

So basically, in the below code I want
(1) to push the last system down and leave a bigger gap
(2) to have "DS al Coda" appear right-justified at the end of the
penultimate system
(3) to have the Coda symbol appear left justified at the beginning of
the last system

imho this is a perfectly normal layout and I just cannot see how to
achieve it ...

\version "2.8.2"

allegro = {
        \once \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #left
        \mark "Allegro"

coda = {
        \mark \markup { \musicglyph #"scripts.coda" }

dalsegno = {
        \once \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #right
        \mark "DS al Coda"

segno = {
        \mark \markup { \musicglyph #"scripts.segno" }

voiceTimeSig =  {
        \time 2/4
        \key df \major
        \key bf \major
        \repeat volta 2 { s2*15 } \alternative { { s2 } { s2 } }
        \key df \major

voiceMarkup =  {
        s2*2 \bar "||" \segno
        s2*8 \bar "||" \allegro
        s2*8 \bar "||"
        s2*8 \bar "||" \coda
        s2*2 \bar "||"
        s2*8 \bar "||" \allegro
        s2*8 \bar "||"
        s2*8 % Trio
        \mark "TRIO Presto"
        \repeat volta 2 { s2*15 } \alternative { { s2 } { s2 } }
        s2*3 \bar "||" \dalsegno

        #'((next-space . 20))

        \once \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #left

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