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Re: Page layout frustration

From: Richard Schoeller
Subject: Re: Page layout frustration
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 16:35:58 -0400

Some things you might want to check out...
1. You really can tweak the margins.
2. In your paper block you can set between-system-padding .  I find
   that setting to 2 or 3 can sometimes compress things enough, even 1.
3. You might want to look at how much padding you have on any rehearsal
4. If the line breaks make it so that volta brackets for a single repeat
   are spread across to systems, you might want to explicitly insert
   \break or \noBreak to control that.  I a system with a volta bracket
   is taller than one without.  Thus if the set of brackets is
   to a single system, the amount of wasted space can be smaller.
5. A similar but less dramatic effect can be noticed when there are
   far above or below the staff.  Figuring out how to tweak around that
   can get you some more space.
6. Finally, if you separate into a title page and music page, they can
   on opposite sides of the paper and save you some space on the music
   page side.

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 14:15 +0100, address@hidden wrote:
> I'm trying to fit a piece of music onto one page. By default, lily
> formats it as 11 systems, 10 on the first page, 1 on the second. So I
> told lily to fit it in 10 systems - which it nicely laid out as 9 on the
> first page, 1 on the second! :-(
> When I tell it to fit it in 9 systems, it finally puts it on one page,
> but it's all far too squashed. What I guess is happening is that it's
> putting the lily tag-line on the last page, and with both header and
> tagline there's only room for 9 systems.
> What's annoying though, is that even though I've set top margin to zero,
> there's loads of wasted space at the top of the page ... and I guess
> even if I set the lily tag-line to blank, it would still need space for
> it ...
> How do I free up all that wasted header space or otherwise gain room to
> fit my part cleanly on one page? I'd rather not delete the tag line :-)
> but is there any way of simply making that not exist, either?
> I've also tried to look up the source code that actually lays out the headers 
> and footers, but I've ended up in a pile of Scheme I can't make head nor tail 
> of (titling.scm). If I need to drill deeper, can anybody give me any pointers 
> (I want to do things like redefining headers and footers so I get a 
> band-style title, when I've got multiple pages it puts the title as well as 
> instrument on subsequent sheets, etc etc).
> Cheers,
> Wol
Dick Schoeller

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