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Re: compile problem with 2.8.4

From: Dave Phillips
Subject: Re: compile problem with 2.8.4
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 10:08:40 -0400
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 Okay, here's the low-down :

   Demudi 1.3, Debian Etch
   GCC 4.0.4
   Guile 1.8
   Python 2.4

With this system I compiled and installed LilyPond 2.8.4, with no problems during the build. The binary appears to be working correctly, no error reports from Guile. I'm working on a new file, it renders correctly, but the text fonts are rather widely spaced. However, I have major problems with fonts in Xorg 7, the fault may lie with Xorg and not LilyPond. More tests on the way...

 Thanks to Mats and Jan for their help and advice ! :)



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